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Lake Walkway Replacement for Watermead Parish Council

Environments for People specialises in the restoration and construction of ponds. Projects typically involve working with the client and/or the local community to develop a list of desired outcomes and then working with the form of the site to develop a suitable project which will match the budgets available and develop grant applications and advice. After the planning phase is complete we can undertake the restoration or construction ourselves, work with the community/client to do the work or supervise your contractors.

Old ponds, particularly those in village greens and housing developments, can often become neglected or abused and turn into both an eyesore and a poor quality habitat. Often the pond is suffering from a complete lack of maintenance with rank vegetation, overgrown scrub and trees, silt build-up and collapsing edges and is in need of a full overhaul which re-invigorates the habitas, imporves the general look of the area in increases public use dramatically

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