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Our Story

Formed in 2009, Environments for People provides a complete service for environmental advice and construction. The founding Directors, Hugh Roberts and David Patrick, saw a need for a company that could bridge the gap between Environmental Consultants and Environmental Contractors to deliver projects for clients. Experience showed that the gap between consultants and contractors too often led to poorly executed projects which missed ‘the vision’ behind the original plan. The company provides environmental consultancy and environmental contracting – bringing wide experience and sound advice to ensure projects are delivered correctly.

Bringing over 50 combined years of survey, assessment, and delivery experience to projects, we work at all levels with a range of specialists required to ensure project delivery. Having a wide range of experience in land and water engineering, environmental consultancy and environmental contracting we have worked on projects for pond creation and restoration, urban park restoration, protected species licensing, European environmental regulations permitting and water and wetland assessment and design.

The overriding company ethos is to provide clients with a complete service tailored to their needs, however large or small the project. This not only includes giving good value service and sound advice to our clients, but also informing the client and advising about the impact of information which comes to light over the project to help the project succeed. Our partnership approach to projects allows us work with our clients to deliver informed and sustainable projects to budget, whether they be a school nature area, an urban park restoration or a multi-million pound construction project.


David Patrick has over 20 years hands on and managerial experience in the land and water environmental enginering field. Starting at the International Centre for Landscape Ecology, and moving on to become the UK’s first Conservation Officer in the Internal Drainage Board industry at the established Yorkshire land drainage engineering firm of Grantham Brundell & Farran. David developed a thorough understanding of the theory and practice of land and water management. Throughout the 13 years at GBF (latterly JBA Consulting), David was influential in the development of environmental engineering consultancy before setting up Environments for People.

David lives in Howden with his wife and young daughter.  He plays an active role in the management of Howden Marsh Local Nature Reserve and the Ashes Playing Fields within Howden. He is vice chairman of Howden Town Council and its Planning Committee and Chairman of Howden Joint Burial Committee.

Hugh Roberts has worked in the countryside management sectorfor over 30 years. Working largely for local authorities across Yorkshire on countryside site management and access improvements as a hands on operator and senior manager before more recently as Northern Manager for Pond Conservation. With extensive experience of working with community groups and local government he is equally competent in small-scale works for private individuals as well as large-scale civil engineering projects.

Hugh lives in Howden with his partner and their daughter. Hugh is chairman of Howden Town Council and Mayor of Howden. He takes an active role in the management of Howden Local Nature Reserve and gets involved with many of the community activities in Howden.

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