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We are pleased to announce that David Patrick, a founder Director of Environments for People, has been elected as a Full Member of the Society of Environmental Engineers.  This reflects David's experience in environmetnal engineering and builds on the company's experiece and detail of the sector.

The building of new walkways, boardwalks, and cycleways or replacement of existing ones is usually a one off type of project. Because of this, and the fact that the structure has to last many years, a lot of care is taken to choose the correct materials, design and contractors. A lot of emphasis is placed on long lasting, low maintenance structures and a little bit of internet research – using terms such as boardwalks in a wetland or sensitive environment - throws up a variety of materials for any project to use.

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After four years of trading, which have improved year on year, we have managed to produce a new website which tells our story and sells our wares. We hope you like it.

In addition to the site which will be developing over time, we have incorporated this blog to tell you what we are up to and introduce you to new environmental ideas and services.

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